Learn Angami – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Angami language



I Ahh
He Po
She Po
You Kno
It Hako
This Vo
Come (You come) Verla
Came Verda
Will come Vorto
Open Khuli sha
Opened Khuliseto
Will open Khuliseto la
Sit Ba lae
walk Satola
Eat Tcla
Drink Krala
Win Kola da
Go Todola
Run Talaii
He is eating an apple. Po apple tshe ba.
He ate an apple. Po apple tshe baha.
He saw the film last week. Po last week hari moho.
She came by bus yesterday. Po bus nunu mur.
They went to the mosque. Po mosque nuvo.
He slept the whole night. Po unzu zata zhela.
He wrote well in the examination. Po exam sata zeela.
He has eaten. Po tshela da.
He had eaten. Po to da.
He had gone. Po tsheda.
He had come. Po vo to.
He will eat. Po vor to.
He will go. Unza tshupa.
He will come. Unza tshu pala.
What is your name? Kit sa po?
What Unrai
Your Unza
Name Naam
What did you do? No kitsapo tshe ba?
What should I do? Ahh kit sa bo tshedo?
What can I do? Ahh kit sa bo tshedou?
What are the questions? Questions kit sabo?
What were the questions? Questions kit sabo ho?
What is written in the letter? Letter no kit sa pho tshu va?
What you had been told? Po kit sa po phusuii?
What will be the answer? No answer kit sa po?
Why did you come? No kit su pula nunu vor?
Why did you sleep? No kitsupula zheda?
Why did you tell him to go? No kit sa pula nunu thoda?
Why did he bring the bag? Kutsu nunu vola bag she var?
Why did she pay the money? No pitsa putsa damo mo tsumuda?
Why did they sit there? Puno ko nunu tsuno ba?
Why do you drive the car? Kitsu nunu gari suva?
Why are they late for the meeting? Kitsa vola nunu meeting numur manu?
How did you come? No kum he dur mur
How did you sleep? No kim he de zaila?
How did you write? No kim he d thusha?
How many apples are there in my hand? Aji nu apple ki da va?
How many did you take? No kida p lai?
How much did he pay you? Po khada kisa khasu?
How much distance to go? No kida un distance vo da?
How was the journey yesterday? No un ra va kimha?
Which way did you come? Pot sa kitsu nunu voda?
Which is your favourite colour? No keni colour kit su pa?
In which room did you sleep? No kyu room nu tzula?
Which story did you tell? No story kisu phutsa?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Hasi kiu kimo tho?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Hindi newspaper no kuu kevi tho?
Which Indian state has the largest population? Kyu India state no population kaka tho?
Where did you come from? No kya nunu vor?
Where did you sleep? No kya poza?
Where should I go? Ahh kya puvo tho?
Whom should I contact? Ahh supu nir tza da?
Is it a book? How la sa damai?
It is a book. How la sa.
Will you come with me? No aza vor tomo ga?
I shall come with you. Ahh un za vor mo tsou.
Can you give me your pen? No un pen vano khut sa?
Yes, of course. Ahh khat sa va vi.
Do you love me? No akhra moga?
Yes, I love you. Au ahh khra la na.
No, I don’t love you. Mo ahh un khra mo.
Can you lift the box? No labu how psa shu v le moga?
Can you write the exam? No exam thee lu vu muga?
Did you have lunch? No mhat tshe la mu dhu ga?
How are you? No kim ha ba?
I am fine. Ahh v ba zu vai.


8 thoughts on “Learn Angami – Audio”

  1. ~The voice is computerised ,so some of the pronunciations are completely wrong. There are also spelling mistakes.

  2. OMG..this is so wrong. Most spellings are wrong and the pronunciations are just so wrong too. Please don’t learn using this.

    from a concerned Angami girl.

  3. It is my earnest request to the concern person that the audio and translation of the Angami language be removed. The current articulation and translation given here are inaccurate, which can alter the correct language’s meaning and structure, especially since Angami/Tenyidie is a tonal language.
    While I appreciate the effort to facilitate language learning, sharing incorrect information can be confusing, especially for newcomers. Please consider uploading a corrected version, or it may be best to remove it altogether.

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