Learn Ao – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Ao language



I Ne
He Pa
She La
You Na
It Ya
This Epa
That Aji
A Ahh
Come (You come) Arong
Came Aroko
Will come Arotsee
Open Lapokang
Opened Lapokoko
Will open Lapoktshee
sit Manang
Walk Chachang
Eat Chiang
Drink Chemnag
Win Tatok
Go Wang
Run Chenang
He is eating an apple. Pa apple achiar.
He ate an apple. Pa apple cheko.
I saw the film last week. Ne filim ya topa hapta nong repra knuku.
She came by bus yesterday. La yashi bus knoe e arogu.
He slept the whole night. Pa yasem t phiyukong machang nung ku.
He wrote well in the examination. Pa tatetang chungahh tshulugu.
He has eaten. Pai cheti mugu.
He had eaten. Pacheta mo gu.
He had gone. Pa vu gu.
He had come. Pa aru gu.
He will eat. Pa achi tchee.
He will go. Pa aao tshee.
He will come. Pa aro tshee.
What is your name? Na tanang tshee ba?
What Kheji
Your Ner
Name Tanang
What did you do? Na kheji enyak?
What should I do? Khechi ne eniak tshee?
What can I do? Ne kheche akok tshee?
What are the questions? Tasang tang ba tam kheje?
What were the questions? Tasang tang ba tem tho kheje?
What is written in the letter? Kheje zulu wa liear tuzu luba nung?
What you had been told? Natang ashi ba tu kheje?
What will be the answer? Lang tshee ba tu kheje ashi tshee?
Why did you come? Kheje pa na aru?
Why did you sleep? Kheje pa na machang?
Why did you tell him to go? Kheje pa nai batang wang tashee?
Why did he bring the bag? Kheje pa pai bag perner aru?
Why did she pay the money? Kheje pa lai sen akhetshee?
Why did they sit there? Kheje pa parrnukyang je ami ner?
Why do you drive the car? Kheje pa nai gari anir?
Why are they late for the meeting? Kheje pa parnuk meeting ata ma muno?
How did you come? Kheje pa na aru?
How did you sleep? kuma na machang?
How did you drive? Kuma nai ani?
How did you write? kumanai zulu?
How many apples are there in my hand? Ku theka naing apple tem kui na liear?
How many did you take? Kui nai aki?
How much did he pay you? Kui pai akatShee?
How much distance to go? Kui tshem ta ao tshee?
How was the journey yesterday? Yashi aien tu kuma ali?
Which way did you come? Kum lamang na knu ne na aru?
Which is your favourite colour? Ning dang tim yem rong dang kheje?
In which room did you sleep? Kupa thak tang nung na machang?
Which story did you tell? Kheje auttshee nai ashi?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Kheje sung cha na tanang theba?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Hindi nung tachong teba news peper ya kheje?
Which Indian state has the largest population? India nung nechang timtheba state che kheba?
Where did you come from? Nakung knoe e aru?
Where did you sleep? Nakung machang?
Where should I go? Nekung ao tshee?
Whom should I contact? Ne she ba tang chem pe tshee?
Is it a book? Ya kaka tana?
It is a book. Ya kaka ta.
Will you come with me? Na keten aru tshee ahh?
I shall come with you. Ne neten aru tshee.
Can you give me your pen? Ning dam pen khanem aka thet shee akhok tshee na?
Yes, of course. Hao kuda sir.
Do you love me? Na ne mi mer na?
Yes, I love you. Hao, ne ma me mer.
No, I don’t love you. Ma nena meme mara.
Can you lift the box? Na box ya ajong t tshee na?
Can you write the exam? Nai tate tang zulu tshee na?
Did you have lunch? Na che chongor na?
How are you? Na kuma liear?
I am fine. Ne chunga liear.


8 thoughts on “Learn Ao – Audio”

  1. Wow 31 years and I don’t know my own dialect. Bought a dictionary to learn Ao but it was so hard for me to creat sentence out of it and can’t pronounce it well. However this is helping a lot and hope I would be able to learn Ao 🙂. Whoever made this thank you so much. May Lord bless you.

    1. Sincere and heartfelt comments like this has driven languageshome forward since the last 16 years. Thanks so much.

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