Bengali – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Bengali language



I Aami
He Se
She Se

Tui / tumi / aapni
A Ekta
Come(You come)


Ese chilaam (I came), ese chilo (he/ they came)
Will come

Aasbo (I will come)/ aasbe (he, they will come)

Khul/ kholo/ khulun

Khullaam( I opened), khullo (he/they opened)
Will open Khulbe

Baus/ bauso/ bosun

Chaul/ chaulo/ cholun

Kha/ khao/ khan

Kha/ khao/ khan
Win Jeet

Ja/ jao/ jaan

Douda/ duadau/ daudaan
He is eating an apple Se aapel kachche.
He ate an apple Se aapel khe chilo
I saw the film last week Ami gata saptah chobi dekhe chilam
She came by bus yesterday Se base kore kaalke esechilo.
They went to the mosque Tara masjid e geche
He slept the whole night Se gota raat ghumiyeche
He wrote well in the examination Se porrikha bhaalo diyeche
He has eaten Se kheye niyeche
He had eaten Se khe niyechilo
He had gone Se giye chilo
He had come Se ese chilo
He will eat Se khabe
He will come Se asbe
What is your name? Tomar naam ki?
What Ki
Your Tomar
Name Naam
What did you do? Tumi ki koro?
What should I do? Aami ki korbo?
What can I do? Aami ki korte pari?
What are the questions? Prosno gulo ki?
What were the questions? proshno gulo ki chilo?
What is written in the letter? Chithi te ki lekha aache?
What you had been told? Tomake ki bola geche?
What will be the answer? Uttor ki hote pare?
Why did you come? Tumi kano escho?
Why did you sleep? Tumi kano ghumao?
Why did you tell him to go? Tumi oke jete bolle kano?
Why did he bring the bag? Se bag kano enechilo?
Why did she pay the money? Se taka kano diyechilo?
Why did they sit there? Ora okhane kano bose chilo?
Why do you drive the car? Tumi gadi kayno chalao?
Why are they late for the meeting? Tara samabes er jonno kano derite esechilo?
How did you come? Tumi kamon kore aasle?
How did you sleep? Tumi kamon kore ghumao?
How did you drive? Tumi kamon kore chalao?
How did you write? Tumi kamon kore lekho?
How many apples are there in my hand? Amar hathe kato gulo aapel aache?
How many did you take? Tumi kato gulo nebe?
How much did he pay you? O tomake kato diyeche?
How much distance to go? Aar kauto door jete habe?
How was the journey yesterday? kalker jatra kamon chilo?
Which way did you come? Tumi kon rasta diye asecho?
Which is your favourite colour? Tomar priyo rang ki?
In which room did you sleep? Tumi kon ghaure ghumiye chile?
Which story did you tell? Tumi kon gaulpo ta sonale?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Kon fol ta sob teke besi misti?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Kon hindi kagoz ta sobche bhalo?
Which Indian state has the largest population? Bharoter kon rajjer sob teke besi jonsonkha?
Where did you come from? Tumi kotha theke asecho?
Where did you sleep? Tumi kothaai ghumaao?
Where should I go? Aami kothai jaai?
Whom should I contact? Kar sathe ami jogajog korbo?
Is it a book? Eta ki boi?
It is a book Eta boi
Is it the answer? Eta ki uttor?
It is the answer Etai uttor
Will you come with me? Tumi ki aamar sathe aasbe?
I shall come with you. Aami tomar sathe aasbo.
Can you give me your pen? Tumi ki tomar kolomta amake dite parbe?
Yes, of course. Ha nischoy.
Do you love me? Tumi ki amake bhalobaso?
Yes, I love you. Ha, ami tomake bholobasi.
Can you lift the box? Tumi ki bakxo ta othate parbe?
Can you write the exam? Tumi ki porikkha likhte parbe?
Did you have lunch? Tumi ki khaabaar khe niyecho?
How are you? Tumi kamon aacho
I am fine Aami bhalo aachi

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