Learn Bundelkhandi – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Bundelkhandi language



I Hum
He Woh/ unko/ unke (his)
She Woh/ unko/ unke (her)
You Tum/ tumao (yours)
It Je
This Jo
That Voh
Come (you come) Aao/ aeio/ ane (to invite someone)
Came Aao/ aagao
Will come Ahe
Open Kholio
Opened Kholdao
Will open Kholhe
Sit Baitho
Walk Chalo
Eat Khao
Drink Pio
Win Jeet
Go Jao
Run Bhago
He is eating an apple. Bo ek seb kha rao hai.
He ate an apple. Oone ek seb khao tho/ hato.
I saw the film last week. Humne pichle hafta ek picher dekhi hati.
She came by bus yesterday. Ba kal motor se aai hati.
They went to the mosque. Be majid gaye hate.
He slept the whole night. Bo puri rat bhar sot rao.
He wrote well in the examination. Oone pricha achchi kari.
He has eaten. Oone kha lao.
He will eat. Bo khahe.
He will go. Bo jehe.
He will come. Bo aahe.
What is your name? Tumao nao ka hai?
What Ka
Is Hai/ ho
Your Tumao
Name Nao
What did you do? Tum ka karat ho?
What should I do? Hum ka Karen?
What can I do? Hum ka kar sakat hain?
What are the questions? sabal ka hange?
What were the questions? Sabal ka hato?
What is the last question? Akhri sabal ka hato?
What is written in the letter? Chitthi mein ka likho hai?
What you had been told? Tumein ka batao hato?
What will be the answer? Jabab/ uttar hueiye?
Why did you come? Tum kaye aye ho?
Why did you sleep? Tum kaye soye hate?
Why did you tell him to go? Tumne ookon jaabe ke lane kaye kaei?
Why did he bring the bag? Bo jhola kaye lao hato?
Why did she pay the money? Oone rupaeia kaye daye?
Why did they sit there? Be ite kaye baithe hate?
Why do you drive the car? Tum motor kaye chalat ho?
Why are they late for the meeting? Be meeting mein deri se kaye aye hate?
How did you come? Tum kaisen aye?
How did you sleep? Tum kaisen soye?
How did you drive? Tumne kaisen chalai?
How did you write? Tumne kaise likho?
How many apples are there in my hand? Hath mein kitte seb hainge?
How many did you take? Tumne kitte laye?
How much did he pay you? Oone tumein kaise paisa daye?
How much distance to go? Aur kitti door jane hai?
How was the journey yesterday? Kal ki jatra kaisi hati?
Which is your favourite colour? Tumao pasand ko rang kaun so hai?
In which room did you sleep? Tum kaun se kotha/ kamra mein soye hate?
Which story did you tell? Tumne kaun si kahani kaei?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Subse meetho fal kaun so hai?
Which is the best newspaper? Subse achcho akhbar kaun so hai?
Which Indian state has the largest population? Subse jada janta koun se pardesh mein hai?
Where did you come from? Tum kan se aaye hon?
Where did you sleep? Tum kite soye hate?
Where is the manager’s cabin? Munager ko karma kite hai?
Where should I go? Mokon/ humkhon kite jane chahiye?
Whom should I contact? Humen kaun se milne chahiye?
Is it a book? Ka ja kitab hai?
It is a book. Ja kitab hai.
Will you come with me? Tum aaho humaye saath?
I shall come with you. Hum tumaye saath aahein
Will you give me your pen? Tumao pen de ho hame?
Yes, of course. Hao, jaroor.
Do you love me? Tum humein chahat ho?
Yes, I love you. Hao, hum tume chahat hain.
No, I don’t love you. Nai, hum tume nai chahay.
Can you give me your pen? Ka tum apno pen de sakat ho?
Can you lift the box? Ka tum baksa utha sakat ho?
Can you write the exam? Ka tum paper/ purcha likh sakat ho?
Did you have lunch? Roti kha lai?/ Ka tumne khana khao hai?
How are you? Tum kase aao?
I am fine. Hum theek hainge.


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  1. It is very useful lesson. I am Hindi speaking person but want to be fluent in bundelkhandi with online help.

  2. can you please help me how can I learn bundelkhandi language. Please suggest me the best app where I can learn. Please help me.

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