Learn Halbi – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Halbi



I Me
He Un
She Un
You Tui
It Ye
A Ek
Come Ese
Came Ile
Will come Yuva
Open Ughada
Opened Ughad
Will open Ughaduva
Sit Busna
Walk Rehna
Eat Khana
Drink Piyu
Win Jeetna
Go Ja
Run Para
He is eating an apple. Un sev khaise.
He ate an apple. Un sev khadlu.
She came by bus yesterday. Un kali basni eeli.
He slept the whole night. Un raat bhar solo.
He wrote well in the examination. Un parichcha ne achcha likhlo.
He has eaten. Un khadlo se.
He has come. Un ilo se.
He will eat. Un khawan.
He will go. Un jawan.
What is your name? Tujhe naav kaay aah?
What Kaay
What did you do? Tui kaay karlees?
What should I do? Me kaay karuvai?
What can I do? Me kaay karu sake?
What are the questions? Kaay sawal aah?
What were the questions? Kaay sawal rahe?
What was the last question? Aakhiri sawal kaay rahe?
What is written in the letter? Chithi ne kaay likh lise?
What you had been told? Tuke kaay sangu rahe?
What is the answer? Jawab kaay aah?
Why did you come? Tui kaay ka jayles?
How was the journey yesterday? Kalicho safar kasan rahe?
Which way did you come? Tui kaun baatle ilis?
Which is your favourite colour? Tujha pasandja rang kaay aah?
In which room did you sleep? Tui kaun kholine so rahis?
Which story did you tell? Tui kaun kahani sunalis?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Sable meeth pa kaun he?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Hindichu sable achcha paper kaun he?
Which Indian state has the largest population? Bharatchu kaun rajyane sable janlog raso?
Where are you coming from? Tui kahale ilisi?
Where did you sleep? Tui kahan soi rahes?
Where is the manager’s cabin? Managerchu kholi kahan aase?
Where will I go? Me kahan javuvai?
Whom should I ask? Me koke poochchuvai?
Is it a book? Ye book aay ka?
It is a book. Ye ek book aay.
Is it the answer? Yehi jawab aay ka?
It is the answer. Yehi jawab aay.
Will you come with me? Tui mocha sange uvas?
I shall come with you. Me tujhe sange uvai.
Will you give me your pen? Tujhe pen ke moke dewas kaay?
Do you love me? Tui moke maya karsi?
Yes, I love you. Haan, me toke maya karsi.
Can you give me your pen? Tujhe pen ke moke dewas sakis kaay?
Can you lift the box? Tu dabba ke uthau sakis kaay?
Can you write the exam? Tui parichcha likhu sakis kaay?
Did you have lunch? Tui khana khadlis?
How are you? Tui kasan aasees?
I am fine. Me achha se.


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