Malayalam – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Malayalam language



I Nyaan
He Avan
She Aval

Nee/ Ningal(to show politeness and also as plural)/Tangal(most polite)
Itu/ Atu
This Itu
That Atu
A Oru

Ate, Aanu

Varu/ Varuka (to come)
Came Vannu
Will come Varum

Turakku/ Turakkuka (to open)
Opened Turannu
Will open Turakkum

Irikku/ Irikkuka (to sit)
Sat Irunnu
Will sit Irikkum
Walk Nadakkuka (to walk)
Walked Nadannu
Will walk Nadakkum

Kazhikkuka/ Tinnuka

Kazhichu/ Tinnu
Will eat

Kazhikkum/ Tinnum
Win Jayikkuka (to win)
Won Jayichu
Will win Jayikkum
Go Poku/pokuka (to go)
Went Poyi
Will go Pokum
Run Oduka (to run)
Ran Odi
Will run Odum
He is eating an apple Avan oru apple tinnu-kondirikkuka-yaanu
He ate an apple Avan oru apple tinnu
I saw the film last week Nyaan kazhinya aazhcha film kandu
She came by bus yesterday Aval innale basil vannu (importance for‘came’)/
Aval innale basilaanu vannathu (importance for bus)
They went to the temple Avar ambalattil poyi
They came from the mosque Avar palliyil ninnu vannu
He slept the whole night Avan raatri muzhuvan urangi
He wrote well in the examination Avan pareeksha nannaai ezhuti
He has eaten

Avan kazhichittundu/ Tinnittundu
He will eat

Avan kazhikkum/ Tinnum
He will go Avan pokum
He will come Avan varum
What is your name? Ninte perentaanu?
What Entu



What did you do?

Nee /ningal entaanu cheytatu?
What should I do? Nyan entu cheyyanam?
What can I do? Enikku entu cheyyan kazhiyum?
What are the questions? Entokkeyaanu chodyangal?
What were the questions? Entokkeyaayirunnu chodyangal?
What is the last question? Entaanu avasaanatte chodyam?
What is written in the letter? Entaanu kattil ezhuti-yirikkunna-thu?
What you had been told? Entaanu ninnodu paranyirunnatu?
What will be the answer? Entaayirikkum uttaram?
Why did you come? Entinaanu nee/ningal vannatu?
Why did you sleep? Entu kondaanu nee/ningal urangiyatu?
Why did you tell him to go? Entu kondaanu nee/ningal avanodu pokaan paranyatu?
Why did he bring the bag? Entinaanu avan bag konduvannatu?
Why did she pay the money? Entinaanu aval panam koduttatu?
Why did they sit there? Entu-kondaanu avar avide irunnatu?
Why do you drive the car? Entu-kondaanu nee/ningal car odikkunnatu?
Why are they late for the meeting? Entukondaanu avar meetinginu taamasichatu?
How did you come? Engineyaanu nee/ningal vannatu?
How did you sleep? Engineyaanu nee/ningal urangiyatu
How did you drive the car? Engineyaanu nee/ningal car odichatu?
How did you write? Engineyaanu nee/ningal ezhutiyatu?
How many apples are there in my hand? Ente kayyil etra apple undu?
How much money did he pay you? Nee/ningal etra panam koduttu?
How much distance to go? Etra dooram pokanam?
How was the journey yesterday? Innale yaatra engane aayirunnu?
Which way did you come? Nee/ningal aetu vazhiye vannu?
Which is your favourite colour?

Ninte ishtapetta/priyapetta niram aetaanu?
In which room did you sleep? Aetu muriyil-aanu nee/ningal urangiyatu?
Which story did you say? Aetu kathayaanu nee/ningal paranyatu?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Aetu pazhamanu aettavum madhuram-ullathu?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi?

Aetaanu hindiyile/hindiyil aettavum nalla patram?
Which state has got the largest population? Aetu samstaanattinaanu aettavum janasankhya ullatu?
Where did you come from? Nee/ningal evide ninnaanu vannatu?
Where did you sleep? Evideyaanu nee/ningal urangiyatu?
Where is the manager’s cabin? Managerude cabin evideyaanu?
Where should I go? Nyaan evide pokanam?
Whom should I meet? Nyaan aareyaanu kaanendatu?
Is it a book? Itoru pustakamaano?
It is a book Itoru pustakamaanu
Is it the answer? Itaano uttaram?
It is the answer Itaanu uttaram
Will you come with me? Nee/ningal ente koode varumo?
I shall come with you. Nyaan ninte koode varaam
Will you give me your pen? Nee/ningal enikku ninte/ningalude paena tarumo?
Will anybody give me a pen to write? Aarenkilum enikku ezhutaan oru paena tarumo?
Can you give me something to drink? Enikku kudikkan entenkilum tarumo?
Can you write the exam? Ninakku pareeksha ezhutaan pattumo?
Can you lift this box?

Ninakku ee petti uyarttaan kazhiyumo/pattumo?
Do you love me? Nee/ningal enne snaehikkunnundo?
Yes, I love you. Nyaan ninne snaehikkunnu
Did you have your lunch? Nee/ningal ucha bhakshanam kazhichcho?
How are you? Sukhamaano? (not the direct translation)
I am fine. Enikku sukhamaanu

7 thoughts on “Malayalam – Audio”

  1. The english transliteration is not right. It doesnt synch with the audio. Pls correct it and this will be the best website. Thank you.

  2. It’s really helping me to communicate with my kerala friends.. and it’s very nice to have in Audio version pls send me more……I want to be perfect in Malayalam.

  3. One little correction .
    He has eaten/he has had his food (as just he finished his food) = Avan Kazhichu (present perfect)
    He ate his food/He ate (in a past time like yesterday) = Avan Kazhichu

    Thinnu and Kazhichu, both means ‘ATE’. But, ‘Thinnu’ is not a cultured word. It’s a substandard usage and better don’t use with humans, other than inferiors or children.
    My mother ate that biscuit. = ente Amma aa biscuit KAZHICHU
    My dog ate that biscuit = nente patti aa biscuit THINNU

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