Learn Malvi – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Malvi language



I Hu
He Uh/ vane
She Wa
You Tu/ thum (respect)
It Yo
A Ek
Come Aai aao
Came Aigyo (he)/ aigyi (she)/ aagya (plural)
Will come Aega (he)/ aegi (she)/ aege (plural)
Open Kholno
Opened Khullo
Will open Kholego (he)/ kholegi (she)/ kholega (plural)
Sit Bethija
Walk Chaal
Eat Khaile
Drink Pile
Go Jaao
Run Dodno
He is eating an apple. Uh seev fal khai riyo he.
He ate an apple. Vane seb khaayo.
He saw the film last week. Vane pichla hafta picture dekhi.
She came by bus yesterday. Wa kaal bus ti ayi.
They went to the temple. Fer mandir gaya.
He slept the whole night. Uh raat bhar soyo.
He wrote well in the examination. Vane pariksha me acho likhyo.
He has eaten. Vani khai liyo.
He had eaten. Vane khai liyo tho.
He had gone. Uh chalyo gayo tho.
He had come. Uh aayo tho.
He will eat. Uh khayega.
He will go. Uh jaega.
He will come. Uh aega.
What is your name? Thamara naam kaai hai
What Kaai
Is He
Your Tharo/ thamaro (respect)
Name Nam
What did you do? Thane/ thamne kai kriyo?
What should I do? Main Kai karun?
What can I do? Main Kai Kari sakto hun?
What are the questions? Kai sawal hai?
What were the questions? Kai sawal tha?
What is the last question? Akhri ko sawal kai hai?
What is written in the letter? Parchi Mein Kai likhyo hai?
What you had been told? Thare kai boliyo tho?
What will be the answer? Jawab kai vega?
Why did you sleep? Tham kyou soya?
Why did you tell him to go? Thamne vine jaawa ko kaai boliyo?
Why did he bring the bag? Uh basto kyou laayo?
Why did she pay the money? Vane paisa kai diya?
Why did they sit there? Vi nyaa kai bethiya tha?
Why do you drive the car? Tham motor kai chalao?
Why did they come late for the meeting? Vi bethak ka saru der ti kyo aaya?
How did you come? Thum kese aaya?
How did you sleep? Tham kaitar soya?
How did you drive the car? Thamne motor chalai kese?
How did you write? Thamne kese likhyo?
How many apples are there in my hand? Mhara haath me kitra sev fal hai?
How many did you take? Thamne kitra liya?
How much did he pay you? Vani kitra paisa diya thare?
How much distance to go? Or kitti dur jaano hai?
How was the journey yesterday? Kaal ko safar keso tho?
Which way did you come? Tham kyana rasta ti aaya?
Which is your favourite colour? Thamaro pasand ko rang konso hai?
In which room did you sleep? Tham konsa kamra me soya?
Which story did you tell? Thamne konsi kahani batayi?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Sab ti jyada mitho fal konso hai?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Hindi me sab ti acho paper konso hai?
Which Indian state has the largest population? Bharat me konsa rajya me sab ti jada log re hai?
Where are you coming from? Tham kaa ti ayi riya ho?
Where did you sleep? Tham kaa soya?
Where is the manager’s cabin? Manager ko aapis kaa hai?
Where should I go? Mhare kaa jaano chaiye?
Is it a book? Kai ya kitab hai?
Yes, it is a book. Ha, ya kitab hai.
Is it the answer? Kai yo jawab hai?
Yes, it is the answer. Ha, yo jawab hai.
Will you come with me? Kai tham mhara saate aaoga?
I shall come with you. Hu thamara saate auva.
Will you give me your pen? Kai tham mhare thamaro pen doga?
Yes, of course. Haa, duvani.
Do you love me? Kai tham mhare pyar karo?
Yes, I love you. Ha, me thare pyar karu hu.
No, I don’t love you. Ni, me thare pyaar ni karu.
Can you give me your pen? Kai tham mhare thamara pen di sakta ho?
Can you lift the box? Kai tham dabbo utayi sakta ho?
Can you write the exam? Kai tham pariksa likhi sakta ho?
Did you have lunch? Kai thamne daphoria ki roti khai li?
How are you? Tu keso hai/ thum kesa ho?
I am fine. Me acho hu.


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  1. Greetings! Iam Hariharan, studying IIIrd Year BE Computer science in Mepco Schlenk Engineering College,Sivakasi,Tamilnadu. We are participating in Smart India Hackathon on Speech to Text Conversion Problem Statement. For that we need audio samples of some languages like Malvi and Baghelkhandi (Bhageli) for our work use. So, I kindly request you the audio dataset for the above mentioned languages. Expecting your reply soon. Thankyou.

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