Marathi – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Marathi language



I Me
He To
She Tee
You Tu
It Te
This Ha, Hi, He
That To, Ti, Te
Come Ye
Came Aala
Will come Ail
Open Ughad
Opened Ughade
Will open Ughadel
Sit Bus
Walk Chalne
Eat Khane
Drink Pene
Win Jinkane
Go Ja
Run Dhavne
He is eating an apple To sapharchand khato ahe
He ate an apple Tyane sapharchand khalle
I saw the film last week Me magcha athaudyat film pahile
She came by bus yesterday Ti kaal bus ni aali
They went to the mosque Te mandiraat gele
He slept the whole night To purna raatra zopla
He wrote well in the examination Tyani pariksha changli lihili
He has eaten Tyani khalla
He had eaten Tyanim khalla hota
He had gone To gela hota
He had come To aala hota
He will eat To khaun gheil
He will go To jaael
He will come To yael
What is your name? Tujhe naav kaay aahe?
What Kaay
Your Tujhe
Name Naav
What did you do? Tu kaay kela aahe?
What should I do? Me kaay kela pahije?
What can I do? Me kaay karu shakto?
What are the questions? Prashna kudhle aahe?
What were the questions? Prashna kudhle hote?
What is the last question? Shevatsa prashna kaay aahe?
What is written in the letter? Patrat kaay lihile aahe?
What you had been told? Tula kaay sangitle gele hote?
What will be the answer? Uttar kaay asel?
Why did you come? Tu kaa aalas?
Why did you sleep? Tu kaa zoplas?
Why did you tell him to go? Tu tyala jaayla ka sangitle?
Why did he bring the bag? Tyane bag kaa anale?
Why did she pay the money? Tini paishe ka bharle?
Why did they sit there? Te tithe ka basle?
Why do you drive the car? Tu gaadi ka chalavto?
Why are they late for the meeting? Tyanna meeting la ushire ka zhala?
How did you come? Tu kasa aala?
How did you sleep? Tu kasa zoplas?
How did you write? Tu kase lihile?
How many apples are there in my hand? Majhya hatat kiti safarchand aahe?
How many did you take? Tu kiti ghetle?
How much did he pay you? Tyani tula kiti paise dile?
How much distance to go? Kiti antar rahile aahe?
How was the journey yesterday? Kalcha pravas kasa hota?
Which way did you come? Tu kuthlya margani aalas?
Which is your favourite colour? Tuja aavadta rang konta aahe?
In which room did you sleep? Tu kuthlya room madhye zopla?
Which story did you tell? Tu konti ghosta sangitli?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Saglyaat god fal konte?
Where did you come from? Tu kuthun aalas?
Where did you sleep? Tu kuthe zopla?
Where is the manager’s cabin? Manager che cabin kuthe aahe?
Where should I go? Me kuthe jaile pahije?
Whom should I contact? Me konala bhetle pahije?
Is it a book? Hey pustak aahe ka?
Is it the answer? Hey uttar aahe ka?
Will you come with me? Tu majhya sobath yeshil ka?
I shall come with you. Me tujhya sobath yeu ka?
Will you give me your pen? Tu mala tuja pen deshil ka?
Yes, of course. Ho, ka nahi.
Do you love me?

Tu mala prem karto ka?(girl to boy)/ Tu mala prem karte ka?(boy to girl)
Yes, I love you.

Ho me tula prem karto. (boy to girl)/ Ho me tula prem karte. (girl to boy)
Can you give me your pen? Tu mala tuza pen deu shakto ka?
Can you lift the box? Tu box uchlu shakto ka?
Can you write the exam? Tu pariksha lihu shakto ka?
Did you have lunch? Tu jevan kela ka?
How are you? Tu kasa aahe?
I am fine Me bara aahe

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