Learn Omani Arabic – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Arabic language (Omani Dialect)

English-Arabic (Omani )

Listen to audio (Standard Arabic)

I Ana
He Howa
She Hea
You Anta

Howa / Hea
This Hatha
That Thak
Come Ta’al
Came Je
Will come (he will come) Bei ji
Open Iftah
Opened Maftoh
Will open (he will open) Bei yiftah
Sit Ijles
Walk Emshe
Drink Eshrab
Go Ruh
Run Aorkod
I go Ana aroh
He goes Howa rayih
He is eating an apple Howa ya’kul tufaha
He ate an apple Howa akala tufaha
I saw the film last week Ana shift al film al osbo’a al madhi
She came by bus yesterday Jat ams be al bus
They went to the mosque Hum raho al masged
He slept the whole night Howa nam al laela kulaha
He wrote well in the examination Howa ktab zain fe el emtehanh
He has eaten Akal
He will eat Bei ya’kul
He will go Bie ruh
He will come Bie je
What is your name? Eish esmk
What Eish
Your Laka / (k) eg: Eish esm(k)
Name Esm
What did you do? Eish saw’weit
What should I do? Eish lazm as’ saw’ei
What can I do? Eish agdar as’aw’ei
What are the questions? Eish hin’nah al as’elah
What were the questions? Eish kanat al as’elah
What is the last question? Eish akhr su’al
What is written in the letter? Eish maktob fe al resala
What you had been told? Eish galo lk
What will be the answer? Eish bie koon al jawab
Why did you come? Leish jeit
Why did you sleep? Leish nimt
Why did you tell him to go? Leish gult lh ruh
Why did he bring the bag? Leish jab al shanta
Why did she pay the money? Leish hei dif’at al fulos
Why did they sit there? Leish jilso hnak
Why do you drive the car? Leish tsug as’ sayyarh
Why are they late for the meeting? Leish t’akharo an al ejtima’a
How did you come? Kaef jeit
How did you sleep? Kaef nimt
How did you drive? Kaef sugt
How did you write? Kaef kitbt
How many apples are there in my hand? Kam tofaha fe yade
How many did you take? Kam khadheit
How much did he pay you? Kam dafa’a lak
How much distance to go? Kam mn al masafh bagi
How was the journey yesterday? Kaef kant al rihlah ams
Which way did you come? Men ae tarek Jeit
Which is your favourite colour? Eish lawnuk al mofadl
In which room did you sleep? Fe ae ghorfa tnam
Which story did you tell? Ae kessa gult
Which is the sweetest fruit? Eish ahla fakihah
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Eish afdal jareda be elhindiah
Which country is having the largest population? Eish akbr dawla sokaneean
Where did you come from? Men wein jeit
Where did you sleep? Wein nimt
Where is the manager’s cabin? Wein makan al moder
Where should I go? Wein lazim aruh
Whom should I contact? Man lazim aokabl
Is it a book? Hatha ketap
It is a book Hatha ketap
Will you come with me? B’tjei ma’e
I shall come with you. B’jei ma’ak
Will you give me your pen? B’ta’ateni kalamk
Yes, of course. Aked
Do you love me? Tohebone
Yes, I love you. Na’am ahebbak
Can you give me your pen? Mumkin t’atene kalamk
Can you lift the box? Tugdr turfa’a as’sandok
Can you write the exam? Tugdr tjaweb al emtehan
Did you have your lunch? Taghdait
How are you? Kaef haluk
I am fine Bekhair

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