Learn Sambalpuri – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Sambalpuri language



I Mui
He Se
She Se
You Tume/ aapan (respectful)
It Ita
A Ek
Come Aa/ asa (respectful)
Came Asla (m, f)/ asle (p)
Will come Asba (m, f)/ asbe (p)
Open Khula
Opened Khulla (m, f)/ khulle (p)
Will open Khulba (m, f)/ khulbe (p)
Sit Basa
Walk Chala
Eat Kha
Drink Piya
Go Ja
Run Daud
He is eating an apple. Se seu khauche.
He ate an apple. Se seu khaela.
I saw the film last week. Mui gala saptah film dekhli.
She came by bus yesterday. Se kali bus re asla.
They went to the villege. Se mane gaan gale.
He slept the whole night. Se raet bhar suila.
He wrote well in the examination. Se exam bhal lekhla.
He has eaten. Se khai pakala.
He had eaten. Se khai pakei thila.
He had gone. Se jai thila na.
He had come. Se asi thila.
He will eat. Se khaeba.
He will go. Se jiba.
He will come. Se asba.
What is your name? Tumar/ apankar naa kana aai?
What Kana
Is aai
Your Tumar/ apankar
Name Naa
What did you do? Tume kana karla?/ Aapan kana karle? (respectful)
What should I do? Mui kana karmi?
What can I do? Mui kana kari parmi?
What are the questions? Prasna kana aai?
What were the questions? Prasna kana thila?
What is the last question? Antim prasna kana aai?
What is written in the letter? Chitthi re kana lekha heiche?
What you had been told? Tamku kana kaha hei thila?
What will be the answer? Uttar kana heba?
Why did you come? Tume kahin asla/ Aapan kahin asle?
Why did you sleep? Tume kahin suila?/ Aapan kahin suile?
Why did you tell him to go? Tume hetake jibar lagi kahin kahela?
Why did he bring the bag? Se bag kahin anla?
Why did she pay the money? Se paisa kahin dela?
Why did they sit there? Se mane henu kahin basi thile?
Why do you drive the car? Tume car kahin chalasa?/ Aapan car kahin chalasan?
Why did they come late for the meeting? Se mane meeting ke deri re kahin asle?
How did you come? Tume kentei asla/ Aapan kentei asle?
How did you sleep? Tume kentei suila?
How did you drive the car? Tume car kentei chalala?
How did you write? Tume kentei lekhla?
How many apples are there in my hand? Mor haathe kete ta seu ache?
How many did you take? Tume kete ta nela?
How much did he pay you? Se tumku kete paisa dela?
How much distance to go? Aau kete dur jibar ache?
How was the journey yesterday? Kalir jatra kenta thila?
Which way did you come? Tume ken rasta ru asla?/ Aapan ken rasta ru asle?
Which is your favourite colour? Tumar/ Aapankar manpasand rang ken ta aai?
In which room did you sleep? Tume ken bakhra re suila?/ Aapan ken bakhra re suile?
Which story did you tell? Tume ken kathani kahela?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Sabu thiru meetha fal ken ta aai?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Hindi re sabu thiru bhal newspaper ken ta aai?
Which Indian state has the largest population? Ken Bharatiya rajya ra jansankhya sabu thiru besi aai?
Where are you coming from? Aapan kenu asuchan?/ Tume kenu asucha?
Where did you sleep? Tume kenu suila?
Where is the manager’s cabin? Manager ra cabin kenu ache?
Where should I go? Matey kenke jibar katha?
Is it a book? Ita kana bahi aai?
Yes, it is a book. Han, ita bahi aai.
Is it the answer? Ita kana uttar aai?
Yes, it is the answer. Han ita hi uttar aai.
Will you come with me? Tume mor sange asba?
I shall come with you. Mui tumar sange asmi.
Will you give me your pen? Kana tume matey tumar pen deba?
Yes, of course. Han, bilkul.
Do you love me? Kana tume matey bhal paesa?
Yes, I love you. Han, mui tumku bhal paesin.
No, I don’t love you. Nai, mui tumku bhal nai paayen.
Can you give me your pen? Kana tume matey tumar pen dei parba?
Can you lift the box? Kana tume ee box uthei parba?
Can you write the exam? Kana tume parikhya lekhi parba?
Did you have lunch? Kana tume duipahar ra khana khaela?
How are you? Tume kenta acha?/ Aapan kenta achan?
I am fine. Mui bhal achen.


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  1. I want to learn more sambalpuri language. From Basics to all the tenses, vocabulary, etc.. please update more on sambalpuri language. Like words with meaning in hindi or english.

    1. You can share the various words/sentences and I shall translate that for you with proper pronunciation.

  2. I am always eager to educate new people with our Sambalpuri language. The voice above is mine.

    1. Thanks Mr. Mishra. Anyone interested to learn Sambalpuri language (Kosali) may contact Mr. Mishra. He has done the translation and voice recording of this page.

    2. I want to learn more sir, actually my relative leaves in basna. And I leave in Raipur. It is so difficult to conversation between of us. I couldn’t understand them languge. Sir I request to you please teach me atlist I will be able to understand and create a conversation between of us. I really hoping to you.
      I am waiting for your reply….

  3. Mr. Mishra , Namaskar. I would like to learn to speak Sambalpuri as I am a Bengali married to a person from Sambalpur.

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