Learn Sema – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Sema language



I Ne
He Pa/ Paya
She Pa/ Paya
You No
It It
This Hepao
That Epao
Come (You come) Agai
Came Agava
Will come Aganshanae
Open Khole
Opened Kholeva
Will open Kholene
Sit Eka
Walk Alacha
Eat Chuva
Drink Shova
Win Tova
Go Auvai
Run Puvai
He is eating an apple. Paya apple chunai.
He ate an apple. Pa apple chuva.
I saw the film last week. Auva ku ap ta paya movie puzuva.
She came by bus yesterday. Eg na paya bus naiki.
They went to the mosque. Panag o mosque no uva.
He slept the whole night. Paya puthuk su zuva.
He wrote well in the examination. Paya exam agolo tcheuva.
He has eaten. Paya chuva.
He had eaten. Paga chuva.
He had gone. Paya auva.
He had come. Paya agava.
He will eat. Paya chuno ni.
He will go. Paya auvo no ni.
He will come. Paya agana ni.
What is your name? Au ja khu yai?
What Khu
Your Ovo
Name Auja
What did you do? Noya khusheva?
What should I do? Nai khushe ne?
What can I do? Ne khusal lu ne?
What are the questions? Questions no ku ya?
What were the questions? Question noko ku ya?
What is written in the letter? Letter la koya panai?
What you had been told? Noya ku p nai?
What will be the answer? Ova answer ku ya?
Why did you come? No ki sha na aigai?
Why did you sleep? No kushe nai zeyai?
Why did you tell him to go? No kushe nai palo auvo lo p yai?
Why did he bring the bag? Pa o kushe nai bag p gai?
Why did she pay the money? Pa a kushe na poisa chia?
Why did they sit there? Panang o ku she na eka?
Why do you drive the car? No khu she nai gari she a?
Why are they late for the meeting? E j panong o meeting na kuya late she a?
How did you come? No kis saya?
How did you sleep? No kush saya?
How did you write? No Kish shahai?
How many apples are there in my hand? Ovo la apple kish anai?
How many did you take? No khejai luva?
How much did he pay you? Paya auvo la khe ja cheva?
How much distance to go? No kheta kha ova?
How was the journey yesterday? Ezu journey khesu vai?
Which way did you come? Noya khibo lagang no a?
Which is your favourite colour? Au favorite color ku ya?
In which room did you sleep? No room khibo la che a?
Which story did you tell? No pa o la ku kisa pi a?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Ku khati na pit la auni?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Hindi newspaper kina eki vi a?
Which Indian state has the largest population? India la ku state na population kutom o ahh nai?
Where did you come from? No khil ma evai?
Where did you sleep? No khishe nai zeyai?
Where should I go? Nai khela aunai?
Whom should I contact? No khu o la contact shenai?
Is it a book? E a book kia?
It is a book. E a book.
Will you come with me? No ega lo evang ka?
I shall come with you. Ne ego lo egaing.
Can you give me your pen? Ne o pen cheilo?
Yes, of course. A ekai.
Do you love me? Nia alo chein a?
I love you. Ne no alo chuini.
I don’t love you. Nei no alo chunmo.
Can you lift the box? No box epkhul leon ka?
Can you write the exam? No exam cil i aing ka?
Did you have lunch? No pucho no chuva ka?
How are you? No khi sha ani?
I am fine. Ne alo ani.


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