Learn Sylheti – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Sylheti language



I Ami
He He
She Tai
You Tui/ tumi/ aapne
It Eta
This Eta
That Heita
A Ekta
Come (You come) Aao/ asho/ ashen
Came Aaisilum (I came)/ aaisila (he or they came)
Will come Aaimu(I will come)/ aaibo (he or they will come)
Open Khul/ khula/ khuloin
Opened Khulchi (I opened)/ Khulra (he or they opened)
Will open Khulbo
Sit Bow/ boin
Walk Hata/ chola
Eat Khawa
Drink Khawa
Go Jaa/ jaao
Run Dour/ doura.
He is eating an apple. He aapel khar.
He ate an apple. He aapel khay.
I saw the film last week. Ami goto sapta film ta dekhsi.
She came by bus yesterday. Tai kalke bus’e aaise.
They went to the mosque. Tara masjid’o gesila.
He slept the whole night. He sara ta rait ghumaise.
He wrote well in the examination. He porikkha vala koria dise.
He has eaten. He khaise.
He had eaten. He khaisil.
He had gone. He gesilo.
He had come. He aaisil.
He will eat. He khaibo.
He will go. He jaibo.
He will come. He aaibo.
What is your name? Tumar naam kita?
What. Kita.
Your. Tumar.
Name. Naam.
What did you do? Tumi kita korlay?
What should I do? Amar kita korte lage?
What can I do? Ami kita korte pari?
What are the questions? Prosno koyta kita?
What were the questions? Proshno koyta kita asil?
What is written in the letter? Sithi tat kita lekha ase?
What you had been told? Tumare kita kowa hoise?
What will be the answer? Uttor ta kita hoibo?
Why did you come? Tumi kene aaiso?
Why did you sleep? Tumi kene ghumairey?
Why did you tell him to go? Tumi tare kene jaite koilay?
Why did he bring the bag? He bag ta kene aanchil?
Why did she pay the money? Tai poisa koi disil.
Why did they sit there? Tara ikhano koi boisil?
Why do you drive the car? Tumi gaari kene chalao?
Why are they late for the meeting? Tara sobha’t kene deri koria aaise?
How did you come? Tumi kene aaiso?
How did you sleep? Tumi kene ghumairey?
How did you drive? Tumi kemne solailay?
How did you write? Tumi kamne lekhlay?
How many apples are there in my hand? Amar haato koyta aapel aase?
How many did you take? Tumi koyta loiso?
How much did he pay you? He tumare koto dise?
How much distance to go? Aro koto dur jawar ase?
How was the journey yesterday? Goto kalker jatra kemon hoilo?
Which way did you come? Tumi kun raasta dia aaiso?
Which is your favourite colour? Tumar priyo rong kita?
In which room did you sleep? Tumi kun room’o ghumailay?
Which story did you tell? Tumi kun golpo koitay?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Kun fal ta sobcheye misti?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Kun Hindi khobor’or kagoj sobcheye Bhala?
Which Indian state has the largest population? Bharotor kun rajjyor jonosonkhya sobcheye besi?
Where did you come from? Tumi koi thika aaiso?
Where did you sleep? Tumi koi ghumailay?
Where should I go? Ami koi jaite lagbo?
Whom should I contact? Amar kar loge jugajug korte lagbo?
Is it a book? Ita boi ni?
It is a book. Ita ekta boi.
Is it the answer? Ita uttor ni?
It is the answer. Ita hoilo uttor.
Will you come with me? Tumi amar loge aaibay ni?
I shall come with you. Ami tumar loge jaimu.
Can you give me your pen? Tumi amare tumar kolom ta dite parbay ni?
Yes,of course. Oy, nishchoy.
Do you love me? Tumi amare vala pao ni?
Yes, I love you. Oy, ami tumare vala pai.
I don’t love you. Ami tumare vala pai na.
Can you lift the box? Tumi baakso ta uthaite parbay ni?
Can you write the exam? Tumi porikkhat lekhte parbay ni?
Did you have lunch? Tumi dupure khani khaiso ni?
How are you? Tumi Kemon aso?
I am fine. Ami bhala asi.


7 thoughts on “Learn Sylheti – Audio”

  1. Thank you! I would certainly donate money—to show my appreciation—to whoever it is making these if this person creates more recordings and examples in Sylheti! I want to help support this project, and I want to learn a lot more Sylheti!

    1. We are glad to be of help. We will send personal email to you from language AT languageshome.com regarding adding more content.

      1. Hi, I am sylheti i need to tell you that he is not speaking proper sylheti, it is extremely similar to Bengali language. Please change the words, this is making people think this is sylheti however this is wrong please find a proper sylheti person to do this for you. Contact “She Learns” from youtube
        she is proper sylheti.

        1. Yes im also sylheti too his sylheti is so wrong and pronounciation is extremely wong for example
          I saw the film last week.
          Ami goto haftat film ta dekhsilam
          His sounds are meant to be
          k = kh sound
          j = z sound
          He is doing everything wrong you should change this it is brainwashing non sylheti speakers

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