Learn Tulu – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Tulu language



I Yan
He Aaye
She Aal
You Ee
It Aow
Come Bala
Came Batte
Will come Yan barpe
Open Geppu
Opened Gette
Will open Yan geppuve
Sit Kullu
Walk Nadapu
Eat Tinla
Drink Parla
Win Gendiye
Go Pola
Run Balpu
He is eating an apple. Aaye apple tinnondu ulle.
He ate an apple. Aaye apple tinde.
I saw the film last week. Yaan poyina vaara picture tuye.
She came by bus yesterday. Aal kode bussed bydini.
They went to the temple. Akulu devasthanag poyeru.
He slept the whole night. Aaaye poora rathri jette.
He wrote well in the examination. Aaye parikshed laik malt barethe.
He has eaten. Aaye tinniye.
He had eaten. Aaye tinde.
He had gone. Aaye poditte.
He had come. Aaye batte.
He will eat. Aaye tinpe.
He will go. Aaye pope.
He will come. Aaye barpe.
What is your name? Ninna pudar dada?
What Dada
Your Ninna
Name Pudar
What did you do? Ee daada malpuva?
What should I do? Yaan daada malpodu?
What can I do? Yaan yenchina malpudu?
What are the questions? Daada matha prashnelu?
What were the questions? Daada matha prashnelu ittand?
What is the last question? Kadetha prashne daada?
What is written in the letter? Kagajid daada bareter
What you had been told? Nik daada pander?
What will be the answer? Uttara daada adippu?
Why did you come? Ee daayeg batta?
Why did you sleep? Ee dayeg jeyyda?
Why did you tell him to go? Ee daayeg ayen pore panni?
Why did he bring the bag? Aaye daayeg bag pathondu baydini?
Why did she pay the money? Aal daayeg kaas korni?
Why did they sit there? Akulu daayeg aavulu kulludini?
Why do you drive the car? Ee daayeg car budpini?
Why did they come late for the meeting? Aakulu meetingag daaye tada battini?
How did you come? Ee yencha battini?
How did you sleep? Ee yencha jetta?
How did you drive the car ? Ee yencha car budpini?
How did you write? Ee yencha barepini?
How many apples are there in my hand? Yenna kait yeth apple undu?
How many did you take? Ee yeth detta?
How much did he pay you? Aaaye nik duddu yet koriye?
How much distance to go? Yeth doora povare undu?
How was the journey yesterday? Yencha ittand kodeda prayana?
Which way did you come? Ee vaa saadid battini?
Which is your favourite colour? Ninna istada banna vow?
In which room did you sleep? Ee vow roomed jettini?
Which story did you tell? Ee vow kathe panda?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Mast cheepeda parnd vow?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? Laikada Hindi paper vow?
Which Indian state has the largest population? Vow indiaada rajyodu jasthi janakulu uppini?
Where are you coming from? Ee olthulddu battini?
Where did you sleep? Ee olpa jettini?
Where is the manager’s cabin? Managerna kone olpa undu?
Where should I go? Yaan odeg povodu?
Is it a book? Undu pusthaka na?
Yes, it is a book. Andd, undu pusthaka.
Is it the answer? Undu uttarana?
Yes, it is the answer. Andd, unudu uttara.
Will you come with me? Ee yenna ottugu barpana?
I shall come with you. Yaan ninna ottugu barpina.
Will you give me your pen? Ninna pen yenk korpana?
Yes, of course. Andd, kandhitha.
Do you love me ? Ee yennan preethi malpuvana?
Yes, I love you. Andd, Yaan ninnan preethi malpuve.
No, I don’t love you. Ijji, Yaan ninnan preethi malpuji.
Can you give me your pen? Ninna pen korpana?
Can you lift the box? Nik box derpare aapunda?
Can you write the exam? Nik parikshe bareyare aapunda?
Did you have lunch? Ee onas malthana?
How are you? Ee yencha ulla?
I am fine. Yaan saukya ulle.


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