Learn Malvani – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences in Malvani language



I Me
He To
She Ta
You Tu
Open Ughad
Opened Ughadlay
Will open Ughadtlay
Sit Bus
Walk Chal
Eat Kha
Drink Pi
Run Dhav
He is eating an apple. To sapharchand khata.
He ate an apple. Tyane sapharchand khalyan.
I saw the film last week. Me magchya aathvdyat picture baghitlay.
She came by bus yesterday. Ti kal bashine ili.
They went to the temple. Te Devlat gele.
He slept the whole night. To ratrabhar zoplo.
He wrote well in the examination. Tyane parikshet changle livhlyan.
He has eaten. Tyane khalyan.
He had eaten. Tyane khalyan hota.
He had gone. To gelo hoto.
He had come. To ilo hoto.
He will eat. To khatalo.
He will go. To jayt.
What is your name? Tuza naav kay?
What Kay
Your Tuza
Name Naav
What did you do? Tu kay kelas?
What should I do? Maka kay kruk vhyat?
What can I do? Me kay karu shaktoye?
What are the questions? Prashna kay aasat?
What were the questions? Prashna kay hote?
What is the last question? Shevtcho prashn kay aasa?
What is written in the letter? Patrat kay livhlel aasa?
What you had been told? Tuka kay sanglyala hota?
What will be the answer? Uttar kay astala?
Why did you come? Tu kashak ilas?
Why did you sleep? Tu kashak zoplas?
Why did you tell him to go? Tu tyaka javuk kashak sangitlas?
Why did he bring the bag? Tyane bag kashak aanlyan?
Why did she pay the money? Tyane paishe kashak bharlyan?
Why did they sit there? Te thay kashak basle?
Why do you drive the car? Tu gadi kashak chalavtas?
Why are they late for the meeting? Tyanka meetingle ushir kashak zalo?
How did you come? Tu kasa ilos?
How did you sleep? Tu kasa zoplas?
How did you write? Tu kasa lihlas?
How many apples are there in my hand? Majhya hatat kiti sapharchand aasat?
How many did you take? Tu kiti ghetlas?
How much did he pay you? Tyani tuka kiti paise dile?
How much distance to go? Kiti antar javuk vahya?
How was the journey yesterday? Kalcha pravas kasa hoto?
Which way did you come? Tu khaychya margani ilas?/ Tu khaychya rastyani ilas?
Which is your favourite colour? Tujha aavdto rang khayso?
In which room did you sleep? Tu khaychya kholit zoplas?
Which story did you tell? Tu khaychi gosht sangitlas?
Which is the sweetest fruit? Saglyat god phal khaycha?
Where did you come from? Tu khaisun ilas?
Where did you sleep? Tu khay zoplas?
Where is the manager’s cabin? Managerchi cabin khay aasa?
Where should I go? Maka khay javuk vhaya?
Whom should I contact? Maka konak bhetuk vhaya?
Is it a book? Hya pustak aasa?
Is it the answer? Hya uttar aasa?
Will you come with me? Tu majya barobar yeshil?
I shall come with you. Maka tujhya barobar yevuk vhaya.
Will you give me your pen? Tu maka tuza pen deshil?
Yes, of course. Hoy, kitya nay.
Do you love me? Tujha mazyavar prem aasa?
Yes, I love you. Hoy, majha tuzyavar prem aasa.
Can you give me your pen? Tu maka tuza pen devu shaktos kay?
Can you lift the box? Tu khok uchlu shaktos kay?
Can you write the exam? Tu parikshet lihu shakos kay?
Did you have lunch? Tu Jevlas kay?
How are you? Tu kaso aasas?
I am fine. Me bara aasa.


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