Learn English through Hindi – Audio

Listen to basic words and sentences to learn English through Hindi language.


Mein I
Woh / Usne He
Woh She
Tum / Aap (respect) You
Yeh It
Ek A
Aao / Aaiye (respect) Come
Aaya ( he) / Aayee (she) / Aaye (plural) Came
Aayega (he) / Aayegi (she) / Aayenge ( plural) Will come
Kholo / Kholiye (respect) / Kholna Open
Khola Opened
Kholega (he) / Kholegi (she) / Kholenge (plural) Will open
Baitho / Baithiye (respect) / Baithna ( to sit) Sit
Chalo / Chaliye ( respect) / Chalna (to walk) Walk
Khao / Khaiye (respect)/  Khana (to eat) Eat
Piyo / Peejiye (respect) / Peena (to drink) Drink
Jaao / Jaaiye (respect) / Jaana (to go) Go
Woh sev khaa raha hai  He is eating an apple
Usne sev khaya He ate an apple
Meine pichhle saftah film dekhi I saw the film last week
Woh kal bus se aayee She came by bus yesterday
Ve mandir gaye They went to the temple
Woh raat bhar soya He slept the whole night
Usne exam achcha likha   He wrote well in the examination
Usne khaa liya He has eaten
Usne khaa liya tha He had eaten
Woh chala gaya tha He had gone
Woh aaya tha He had come
Woh khaayega He will eat
Woh jaayega He will go
Woh aayega He will come
Tumhara /Aapka  naam kya hai ? What is your name?
Kya What
Tumhara / Aapka (respect) Your
Naam Name
Tumne / Aapne (respect) kya kiya ? What did you do?
Mein kya karoon ? What should I do?
Mein kya kar sakta hoon ? What can I do?
Kya sawal hein ? What are the questions?
Kya sawal the ? What were the questions?
Aakhiri sawal kya hai ? What is the last question?
Khat mein kya likha hai ? What is written in the letter?
Tumhein kya kaha gaya tha ? What you had been told?
Jawab kya hoga ? What will be the answer?
Tum / Aap kyon aaye ? Why did you come?
Tum / Aap kyon soye ? Why did you sleep?
Tumne use jaane ko kyon kaha ? Why did you tell him to go?
Woh bag kyon laya ? Why did he bring the bag?
Usne paisa kyon diya ? Why did she pay the money?
Ve wahan kyon baithe the ? Why did they sit there?
Tum / aap car kyon chalate ho ? Why do you drive the car?
Ve meeting ke liye deri se kyon aaye ? Why are they late for the meeting?
Tum / aap kaise aaye ? How did you come?
Tum kaise soye ? How did you sleep?
Tumne car kaise chalayee ? How did you drive the car ?
Tumne kaise likha ? How did you write?
Mere haath mein kitne sev hein ? How many apples are there in my hand?
Tumne kitne liye ? How many did you take?
Usne tumhen kitna paisa diya ? How much did he pay you?
Aur kitni door jana hai ? How much distance to go?
Kal ki yatra kaisi thi ? How was the journey yesterday?
Tum / Aap kis raaste se aaye ? Which way did you come?
Tumhara /Aapka pasandida rang kaun sa hai? Which is your favourite colour?
Tum / Aap kaunse kamre mein soye ? In which room did you sleep?
Tumne kaunsi kahani batayee ? Which story did you tell?
Sabse meetha fal kaunsa hai ? Which is the sweetest fruit?
Hindi mein sabse achcha newspaper kaunsa hai ? Which is the best newspaper in Hindi?
Kis bharatiya rajya ki jansankhya sabse jyada hai ? Which Indian state has the largest population?
Aap / tum kahan se aa rahe ho ? Where are you coming from?
Tum kahan soye ? Where did you sleep?
Manager ka cabin kahan hai ? Where is the manager’s cabin?
Mujhe kahan jaana chahiye ? Where should I go?
Kya yeh kitab hai ? Is it a book?
Haan, yeh kitab hai Yes, it is a book
Kya tum mere saath aaoge ? Will you come with me?
Mein tumhare saath aaunga. I shall come with you.
Kya tum mujhe apna pen doge ? Will you give me your pen?
Haan, zaroor Yes, of course.
Kya tum mujhe pyar karte ho ? Do you love me ?
Haan mein tumhein pyaar karta (m) / karti(f) hoon Yes, I love you.
Kya tum mujhe apna pen de sakte ho? Can you give me your pen?
Kya tum box utha sakte ho ? Can you lift the box?
Kya tumne dopehar ka khana khaya ? Did you have lunch?
Tum kaise ho / Aap kaise hain ? How are you?
Main achha hoon I am fine

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